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Hot plates

Hot plates

General description:

The heated zone of the heating element of the SCB type can be operated at up to 800 °C. With the very low thermal expansion of silicon nitride, thermal distortion in the heating plate hardly occurs even at this high temperature – especially important for the processes in which pressure is to be exerted on the heating plate or the material to be heated that is located on it, and so for press heating. It is therefore ensured that the force can be transmitted evenly over the entire surface of the heating element. The outwardly guided "legs" for the brazed electrical contacts are designed to ensure that even at maximum temperature in the heating element, the braze joints are not heated beyond their maximum permissible temperature of 500 °C. However, it is important in the process to ensure open convection and radiation at the "contact legs" for cooling.

Basic values:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 160 x 100 x 4.5 mm
Heated area 100 x 100 x 4.5 mm
Tmax 800 °C




* The actual power depends on resistance, temperature and voltage.

Parameter Value
Article no. FLE 101 332
Resistance @ 20 °C 26 Ω ±25 %
Nominal voltage 230 V
Nominal power @ 20 °C 2 034 W*